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Destino en Costa Rica

 January 18th, 2022 |    Destino

Welcome to Destino Hiden away in Guanacaste province, San Bernardo de Bagaces, Costa Rica Destino is a wonderful place away the city roar. Surrounded by an exuberant nature and wild life, in this destination you will find the calm and comfort that the warm breeze and the tropical atmosphere transmit. Enjoy the magical environment that […]

Happy Customers

 March 9th, 2020 |    Martin and Natacha

Voyage en famille et notre première en famille. ​5/5 ***** Date de séjour Janvier 2020 Veropel Nouvelle administration, nous avons été accueilli comme des rois. Un couple de québécois très chaleureux et très passionné. Un endroit rempli de vie autant par les animaux qui viennent nous visiter(paresseux, singes, toucans, perroquets) autant pour la beauté de […]

Happy Customers

 March 9th, 2020 |    Martin and Natacha

  Dennis S Fri, Jan 24 – Fri, Jan 31, 2020 Vrbo  5/5 Wonderful place for a family gathering New owners Martin and Natacha only arrived a week before our group but were wonderful warm hosts who did everything possible to make our family of 6 adults and one excited 6 year old welcome. The […]


 July 23rd, 2018 |    cristalazul

SUMMER VACATION 2018 COSTA RICA Still planning your summer vacation and looking for the ultimate beach get away and the chance to move at a slower pace for a few days, play, rest, enjoy good company, and create memories that will last a lifetime? Prepare to forget about your cell phones and get lost in […]

How Paddle Boarding is One of the Best Ways to Spend Time Outside in Costa Rica

 July 21st, 2018 |    mike_ahcr

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to go and explore the great outdoors. With so many things to do how do you decide which is the right activity to do? May I suggest Paddle Boarding? Paddle Boarding is one of the best ways to get outside and see Costa Rica from a completely different perspective […]

How to find your perfect hotel in Costa Rica

 June 5th, 2017 |    Tine and René

It’s a jungle out there! When it comes to finding the perfect accommodation for your much anticipated holiday, most of us turn to the internet and if you’re anything like me you feel tired before you begin. Of course I would hate to be without the internet but it’s such a jungle of information … […]

Highlights of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste

 April 20th, 2017 |    mike_ahcr

Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica in Central America. It is situated on the upper Pacific Coast in the Northwest part of the country of Costa Rica. Because of the unique climate in this region it is very popular for travelers as well as expatriates. There are significantly more days of sunshine annually than […]

Travel, Vacation, Hotels and Tour Information for Travelers, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Arctic, Antarctic Cruises

 December 20th, 2016 |    mike_ahcr

Costa Rica Travel Advice Costa Rica is considered as a perfect place to travel and it has become a recognized eco-tourism destination and its eco-system sustainability and rehabilitation has led to it being among the best holiday destinations in the world. It is more than a vacation destination; Costa is bestowed with over 500,000 plant […]

Sustainability in a Nutshell at the Sustainability Demonstration Center

 December 20th, 2016 |    Veronica Sheehan

At the heart of sustainability is how we influence one another using thoughts, words and actions that match our vision, as the most powerful point of action is ourselves. We strive to focus on what we want to see flourish in our own lives and in the world and be that change we want to […]

frogs in our garden…

 December 20th, 2016 |    pachamamadrake

Do you like frogs ? Pura vida ! Posted by Yurt and tipi in Drake Bay on Thursday, September 1, 2016 here is a little video ! enjoy !