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Barefoot Luxury – Cristal Azul – Playa San Miguel

 September 28th, 2016 |    cristalazul

Defining Barefoot Luxury When people contact me about Cristal Azul Boutique Hotel, it is easy for me to describe to them what too expect while on vacation here having fallen in love with the quiet way of life in this area and its untouched pristine beauty many years ago on first site. I tell them […]

Visiting Arenal Volcano and the Lake Arenal Area

 September 22nd, 2016 |    mike_ahcr

Visiting Arenal Volcano and the surrounding area. Arenal Volcano with it’s classic conical shape and sitting on a flat plateau is the icon of volcanos. Arenal Volcano is the most popular of all Costa Rica volcanos. Erupting in 1968 and coming back to life ; the volcano continued with small daily eruptions until 2010 when […]

Adventure Inn is the Tour Center of Costa Rica

 September 15th, 2016 |    adventureinn

Adventure Inn is the Tour Center of Costa Rica Even for the experienced traveller there is no better way to get to know a new country than to take a few guided tours. Adventure Inn is centrally located in the heart of Costa Rica tour country. Unlike small copycat tours servicing tourists in the beach […]

The Beaches of Caribbean Costa Rica

 April 4th, 2016 |    Tine and René

When people talk about the beaches of Caribbean Costa Rica it is with a degree of awe — and that’s not surprising.         The beaches from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo on the Caribbean coast could easily be referred to as jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It’s not just about clear turquoise ocean or fine golden […]

8 day adrenaline adventure package

 September 12th, 2015 |    mike_ahcr

Find vacation planning stressful? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Let us customize an entire vacation package for you starting from the minute you step off the plane until the minute you get back on it to go home. Let AHCR book your vacation package

Heritage Tour

 April 2nd, 2015 |    mike_ahcr

Costa Rica is a peaceful country with a traquil and laid back atmosphere. Cultural tours allow visitors to know about Costa Rica history and cultural heritage, and to understand the soul of the Costa Rican people and the meaning of Costa Rica’s “pura vida” (pure life).

Cultural tour

 April 2nd, 2015 |    mike_ahcr

Costa Rica’s Natural Heritage Tour membership limited to 12-18 guests 12 days from $2,981 total price from Miami ($2,695 air & land inclusive plus $286 airline taxes and departure fees) In this small Central American democracy kissed by nature, our small group discovers a nation’s wealth in four distinct regions, from cloud forest to rain […]