Destino en Costa Rica

 January 18th, 2022 |    Destino

Welcome to Destino

Hiden away in Guanacaste province, San Bernardo de Bagaces, Costa Rica Destino is a wonderful place away the city roar. Surrounded by an exuberant nature and wild life, in this destination you will find the calm and comfort that the warm breeze and the tropical atmosphere transmit.

Enjoy the magical environment that Destino offers you, where you will hear the sound of the monkeys in the distance doing chorus with the birds of the region.

A wonderful place to enjoy Yoga and meditation where you will be in total harmony with pure nature, be witness vast variety of colorful Birds as you walk down to the river, find the most beautiful thermal springs, have a rejuvenating effect on your body with a volcanic mud baths and live an exciting experience sliding down the wonderful Waters doing River Tubing or suspend yourself and glide through the air doing Canopy.

Whether it be for Vacation, a Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, or Holiday, there’s no mistaking the unique experience you’ll have in this Secret Paradise.

Experiences of a Lifetime

An eco-friendly adventure. Enjoy the beauty that gives you the wonderful land of San Bernardo de Bagaces, surrounded by its tropical jungle. Venture into the currents of the Rio Blanco, be delight by the beauty and exuberance of the wildlife, soak in the hot springs or meditate and relax in a yoga session at sunset. Whatever your choice is, Destino will give you a magical experience that you will never forget.

About Destino

Deeply  immersed and hidden inside a unique dwarf forest located in San Bernardo-Costa Rica, is Destino, one of the principal boutique hotels in Central America. Destino is the most complete mix and definition of a luxurious hideaway, which allows our travelers to be envolved in the soul of the jungle coast; inside a 100% green and sustainable habitat in the midst of five-star comforts, added to an abism of unparalleled experiences.

Destino was created with the idea of ​​the most immersive and profound experience in mind, which is presented as an exclusive set of villas whose beautiful and creative designs, hand in hand with the incredible local architecture inspired by the rich culture that only Costa Rica can offer, invite our visitors to a luxurious experience never seen before that will immerse you in an oasis of wildlife and magical landscapes. This is the eco-boutique residence built exclusively with materials from sustainable sources, Destino exists within a beautiful balance between responsibility with its environment and an immense commitment to the comfort of its guests. A dedicated assistant attends to every guest need, directing them to exceptional restaurants, spa services, and adventure tour options in the city. Here at Destino we adapt to the wishes, lifestyles and preferences of each individual guest, giving you the best Costa Rica can offer you.

Destino will offer you the most beautiful views ever seen, the most magical stretches of rivers and the most delicious hot springs. You’ll be able to relax completely and forget about of that noisy stress that characterizes the outside world, while enjoying the first class luxury confforts that you can only find here in Destino.

Give yourself the chance to explore, meet and live the adventures you never thought before. Allow you to experiment by first-hand living inside the majestic jungle reconecting with the abundant and impressive wildlife. Our guests are sure not only to live this wonderful experience but also to receive a lot of information and guidance to reach all the adventures and trips near and far.

Let yourself be pampered inside our elegant residence, Destino, that offers you all the adventure and nature experience that human beings need while the elegance and class of its structures makes you feel at home, without any doubt, the residence provides everything you need to reconnect with your loved ones or yourself doing all kinds of outdoor activities, having the most beautiful views that exist, placed on a dream environment. Destino, offers a tropical luxury stay so you can enjoy nature like never before.