How Paddle Boarding is One of the Best Ways to Spend Time Outside in Costa Rica

 July 21st, 2018 |    mike_ahcr

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination to go and explore the great outdoors. With so many things to do how do you decide which is the right activity to do? May I suggest Paddle Boarding? Paddle Boarding is one of the best ways to get outside and see Costa Rica from a completely different perspective out on the water.

Paddle Boarding is an activity that has a wide array of different health benefits that not only keeps you in shape but also allows you to relax and get into a positive state of mind.

What is Paddle Boarding?

For those who are not completely familiar with paddle boarding it is an activity that is like a hybrid between kayaking and surfing. It is like surfing in that you are standing on a board but you are using a paddle instead of waves (although you can surf on a paddle board) to propel yourself. This makes it a great activity to do in a wide variety of different water conditions. If you are starting out I would recommend that you start off in locations with calmer water conditions such as the Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste and the Gulfo Dulce off the Osa Peninsula.

Things you are Able to Do While Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is one of the most versatile outdoor activities that you can do. Not only can you paddle anywhere in the water and see unique landscapes from the ocean but if the water is clear enough you can see underneath your board and see all the marine life below!

It is also an activity that can be morphed into other hobbies such as surfing, yoga and even using the board as a platform to go snorkeling! Costa Rica is a well known destination for snorkeling, some of the top spots include the Gulf of Papagayo, Gulf Dulce and Guanacaste just to name a few.

What I find is the one of the best parts about Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fact that you are not forced to be in one position for an extended period of time. Other outdoor activities such as kayaking and biking you are in one position for an extended period of time which is less than ideal. With a stand up paddle board you can stand, kneel, sit or even lie down to take a break from paddling. This allows your body not to seize up in one position and also allows you to work and stretch out different muscle groups while on your paddling journey.

How do I get Started Paddle Boarding in Costa Rica?

To make this as simple as possible there are basically two ways to do this.

You can rent a Paddle board

Costa Rica has a ton of different hotels that also offer rental paddle boards. Just simply find out where you want to go and look for hotels that have rental paddle boards or paddle boarding guides in the same area as the hotel you have selected. If you have never paddle boarded before there will be rental spots that will give you lessons or you can take a guided paddle boarding tour to find out all the best spots.

You can buy a Paddle Board and Bring it with you

Now I know the first thing you will ask is “How do I bring this huge board with me everywhere I go?”. Well if you plan on getting a paddle board and traveling a lot I would highly recommend an inflatable paddle board over a hardboard. Inflatable Paddle Boards are boards that are extremely durable that can inflate to sizes of 9- 14 feet and deflate into the size of a large backpack or medium sized suitcase. You can also get a hard board but just keep in mind that it will be way more cumbersome to travel with and more expensive to travel with due to its size. If you do decide to bring a paddleboard with you I recommend getting some experience under your belt first and being versed in all the safety precautions. Don’t forget to bring a PFD and a whistle!

Some Popular Paddle Boarding Hot Spots in Costa Rica To Get You Started

  • Peninsula Papagayo in Guanacaste
  • Gulfo Dulce off the Osa Peninsula
  • Tamarindo
  • Nicoya Peninsula
  • Lake Arenal
  • Fortina de San Carlos
  • Punta Uva
  • Playa Negra
  • Playa Flaming