Why stay at an member hotel

Screened for Quality

You can trust each member hotel has been pre-screened for quality.

Anywhere in Costa Rica

You can find an AHCR member hotel virtually anywhere you want to stay in Costa Rica.

Discounted rates

If, through AHCR, you discover that special little hotel you want to stay at, ask for your 10% discount at time of booking.

Customised Vacations

Communicate directly with the hotel to customize your Costa Rica vacation.

Owner operated.

Each hotel is owner-operated, reflecting its' own unique eco-friendly Costa Rican personality (no universally-standardized chain hotels allowed)

Variety of hotels

Choose from a variety of hotel types: sun, sand, surf and snorkel hotels; cool mountain inns with panoramic views; extreme adventure lodges; deep nature retreats; small friendly B&B's; historic city hotels; yoga and wellness spas; sport fishing resorts; even a first and last night airport hotel.