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“The Howler Monkey Hotel – a little slice of heaven”

 June 8th, 2016 |    howlermonkey

My husband and I decided to visit Costa Rica in 2014. Neither of us are resort-type travelers. We both enjoy going off the beaten path, eating the local food and getting a feel for the local population. We split our time between a few areas, but by far, our favourite part of the trip was […]

The Ways Blue Osa Yoga Retreat & Spa Will Steal Your Heart During Yoga Teacher Training

 May 28th, 2016 |    Blueosa

“Home is where the heart is.” … I’d heard this proverb many times growing up but never really understood exactly what it meant until recently.   I was under the impression the word ‘home’ signified the place you took your first baby steps, or where your mom cooked you homemade meals, or where you watched […]


 April 28th, 2016 |    macawlodge


 April 28th, 2016 |    macawlodge


Eponicity Our Equine Learning Program

 April 27th, 2016 |    leavesandlizard

Leaves and Lizards Arenal Volcano Retreat  Eponicity: Equine Assisted Learning and Horseback Riding We created Eponicity. It unites Epona (Goddess of Horses), Infinity and Synchronicity. Symbolizing a truly authentic horse and human relationship.   Eponaquest at Eponicity Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning methods encourage us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain strength, renew spirit and […]

Wonderful Summary of a Leaves and Lizards Experience

 April 23rd, 2016 |    leavesandlizard

“Left a piece of my heart there…” Where do I begin? How about the road there? Like all the best things in life, it takes some effort to get to L&L. The road there is a trip in and of itself but if you let a little gravel stand in the way of you getting […]

From Farm to Table-Tasting Pura Vida in All Directions

 April 22nd, 2016 |    Blueosa

Pura Vida is a phrase that embodies the Costa Rican way of life and goes a very long way. Pura Vida, which literally translates to pure life, is used as a greeting, to express gratitude, a state of positive, well-being and so much more. Ticos (Costa Ricans) always say it with a smile and a […]

Pura Vida Playshop: Acro Yoga – Paddleboard Yoga – Awakening Intuition

 April 9th, 2016 |    samasati

April 29th – May 6th, 2016 Come Celebrate Your Spring & Discover Possibilities … on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast! For one week we will live in the abundance & beauty of Samasati’s Rainforest Sanctuary. Days will be nourished with jungle sights & songs, fresh buffet meals, fun playshop classes and pura vida moments at the beach, waterfall, […]

Rainforest Yoga Teacher Training

 April 7th, 2016 |    samasati

Hari Om Yoga Teacher Training May 7th – 27th, Sept. 10th – 30th, and Oct. 16th  – Nov. 4th 2016 Join the 200 hour Hari-Om Yoga Teacher Training  at Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary.  Hari Om provides teacher trainings at Samasati 4 times per year. Hari Om provides students a solid foundation for teaching Yoga along […]

Yoga, Adventure, & Service

 April 7th, 2016 |    samasati

Peace through Yoga Foundation with Sally Bassett, Phd June 4th – 11th, 2016 An Empowerment Program Peace through Yoga Foundation groups come to Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary two to three times a year.  Their itineraries are filled with adventure, yoga, and a day at their International Center for Peace working with local children between […]