What to Pack

 February 20th, 2009 |    leavesandlizard


What to Pack and What to Expect


Information for an enjoyable stay in Costa Rica provided by the Costa Rican Tourism and Travel Bureau and Leaves and Lizards.

What to Pack (Hint: Pack lightly!!)

Suggested items and Starred * items we consider essential:

• *Lightweight, sturdy high top hiking boots (protection for ankles) with a good tread suggested for hiking.

• Walking or athletic shoes with a good tread suggested for walks

• *Sturdy waterproof sandals or river shoes

• Personal toiletries

• *Insect repellant – at least 75% DEET

• *Sunscreen – with high sun protection factor, such as SPF 29-40

• Hat or cap

• Sunglasses NOTE: If you wear glasses remember to bring a croakie so you won’t loose them during activities.

• Binoculars (being in Costa Rica without good binoculars are like snorkeling without a mask) We offer a nice pair of binoculars for rental. $20 per stay.

• *Flashlight

• Pocket knife

• Walkie Talkies are a fun way to keep in touch with your group, but not essential.

• Extra socks

• Check batteries in camera – the most often heard complaint from our guests is that their camera batteries don’t last through the day.

• Shirts and pants made from light weight, natural fibers. At least one outfit made of high tech fast drying material.

• Compass (especially if driving)-see our website for driving tips.

• One or two swimming suits

• Poncho or rain gear

• Light jacket or sweater for higher elevations and chilly nights

• *Day pack (For valuables/camera/passport-so you can carry these items with you at all times).

• *Container for drinking water. In most of Costa Rica it is not necessary to buy bottled water. The water in our area is pure spring water.

• Plastic bags – for keeping books, binoculars and other items dry and for wet clothing.

• Money in small demonations-$20’s, 10’s, 5’s and 1’s. It is hard to cash $100 bills in some places, and travelers checks are becoming a nuisance to use most places do not take travelers checks. ATM machines are commonly found in any city with a bank. Bring a back up bank card if possible. Notify your bank that you will be in traveling in Costa Rica so you won’t have trouble using your cards out of your home country.

• *Easy to carry healthy snacks, energy bars.

• Small first aide kit with moleskin for blisters from hiking boots. Ear plugs

• Coloring books/crayons for cute kids you meet on your trip. They love them!

• Spanish/English dictionary

• Map of Costa Rica. Plan your route in advance. Please ask us if you have any questions.

• Calculator for figuring currency exchange.

• Birders consider ordering ‘A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica’ book for your trip. It is the bird watching Bible for Costa Rica. You may find it online at Amazon.com for under $20. Non-birders may find general books about the flora and fauna h