The Rio Celeste Hike

 September 10th, 2010 |    tenoriolodge

At only 10 Miles away from Tenorio Lodge, in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, begins a trail through secondary and primary tropical forest. After 750 yards, you will reach the famous falls of the Celeste River.

This fast-flowing stream seems to tear the green hill before to fall 65 feet lower into a basin of such a sky-blue colour that will bring out the most spontaneous expressions of wonder.

The walk continues upstream to the blue lagoon. Further up, in another volcanic activity zone, numerous columns of bubbles rise from the depths of calm waters to burst in the surface.

The legend goes that the River owes its name to the fact that God, after painting the skies, cleaned his brushes in these waters.

But when you reach a place by the name of “Los Teñideros”, two cristal clear stream come together to form a beautiful bright, light-blue color. Here start the mysterious Rio Celeste river.

Duration: between 5 to 7 hours including access, hike and lunch.

What to bring: Comfortable trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, swimsuit, drinking water, insect repellent, camera and binoculars.

The Rio Celeste waterfall in the Volcan Tenorio National Park.

The Laguna Azul on the Rio Celeste river