San Jose, city walk

 December 4th, 2008 |    hotelrsj

San Jose city walk,

Let me take you on a nice City walk through out San Jose Centro. This walk takes about 2 hours, it will take you along various interesting buildings, parks and museums in the center of San Jose.

This walk begins ad the Hotel Rincon De San Jose, it is advisable to bring a map or ask one at the reception desk.

Some tips, before you head of:

– Do not take your a passport a copy can be made ad the reception.

– Do not take too much money and valuables

– You should be aware that also in San Jose we have thieves and pickpockets.

• When leaving the hotel turn right, turn right again follow the road you will cross over and walk towards the Parque Nacional. Ad your right side you see the nacionale library.

• In this tranquil park you will find a statue witch remembers the important battle in Santa Rosa where the American filibuster Williams Walker was defeated, during his attempt to overrun Costa Rica.

• From this monument walk to the south side of the park at calle 17, and you pass the museo nacional. Established in the quarter Bella Vista (quarter with a nice view). museum admission nacional approximately $ 2, –

• After the museum, turn right and walk right by the bullet holes in the fortress walls witch remember the brief civil war in 1948 because of electoral fraud.

• You walk right through the Plaza de la Democracy. On the west side, were you find a market place. There are many types of souvenirs sold from various Latin American countries.

• If you have leave this market get back on the central Avenida and turn left.

• Walk into the shopping promenade until you see on your left side at calle 3, the Plaza de la Cultura in this square is also the Museum del oro, or gold museum. (access approximately $ 6, -)

• On the south side of the square is one of the most beautiful buildings of Costa Rica, the Teatro Nacional. That certainly is worth a visit. You can also drink a cup of coffee on the other side of the square there is a nice terrace.

• Or walk along this terrace (on the right hand side)towards Avenida segunda (av 2). A broad street with lots of taxis recognizable by their red color and the yellow triangle. Cross the road and walk to the right.

• On your left you will pass the great white Catedral Metropolitana.

• This cathedral overlooking the Parque Central. Parque Central seems more a square than a park. With striking music dome and of course pigeons. Often you hear the twitter of small green parrot in the trees.

• On the south side at the traffic lights you cross the street and walk right into calle 2.

• On the central avanida you can also go to the mercado central. This is at the end of the pedestrian zone with the entrance on the right.

• In the Calle 2 is the Correo Central ore central post office. One of the few colonial buildings that are still used and witch are nice to take a look. Perhaps just to buy stamps because they are hard to get in the rest of Costa Rica, especially in case of collections. You can also take a look at the stamp museum witch is in the building.

• After the post office turn right in av 3, after four blocks you reach the parque Morazán. Recognizable by the yellow dome in the middle of the park. Named after Francisco Morazán, a Honduran who has played an important role in the unification of middle America after the Spanish domination.

• When you cross the park diagonally on the north side there is a school. This building is completely designed by Mr. Eiffel. The building is entirely constructed out of steel and prefabricated in Belgium and shipped to Costa Rica in parts.

• When you walk along the school and cross the road again there is a little parc, parque de Espania.

• On the left you will see a big building, below it on the right side you will find de museum del jade.

This museum has a stunning collection of jade objects and jewelry from the Pre-Columbian time, the jewelry from the Hueteras medicine men are beautiful.

• Next to this high building you find the Casa Amarillio or Yellow house. Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ad the eastside used to be a licor factory after a fire in 1995 it is now changed into the Centro Nacional de Cultura.

• After the casa Amarillio you turn left, then the first right and left again and then you are back at the Hotel Rincon De San Jose