Monteverde Cloud Forest

 August 17th, 2016 |    adventureinn


Monteverde Cloud Forest

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If you are coming to Costa Rica to enjoy nature, then Monteverde is a must to include in your itinerary. The small towns of Monteverde and Santa Elena are just a few hours from both international airports, San Jose (SJO) and Liberia (LIR).

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Monteverde sits in the hills over 4000 feet above sea level in its own micro-climate surrounded by several reserves including Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve,among others. Monteverde is surrounded by thousands of acres of cloud forest offering a truly unique opportunity to explore the nature that Costa Rica has to offer. The surrounding reserves are host to hundreds of species of orchids, a favorite stop for many migratory birds especially the quetzal. The area is famous for wildlife including marsupials, bats, deer, frogs and other amphibians, and even various species of puma and other wild cats.

Naturalists as well as Tourists can enjoy the area as the tourism industry has allowed for there to be an ample infrastructure to host visitors. There are several unique hotels available to enjoy this area; many of which are member of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica.


Families and travellers will find several fun activities and tours available that make use of the surrounding nature. There are guided night walks, guided tours through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. There are horse back riding options, canopy tours, even a coffee tour, and a butterfly garden. Each Saturday there is a farmer’s market in Sana Elena; always interesting to pick up some fruit and see the locals.


Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica has several members in the Monteverde area that can host you and arrange a number of interesting tours. Hotel El Viandante provides clean and cozy rooms for travelers to rest, to plan, to reflect, and to reconnect to nature. Swiss Hotel Miramontes has facilities that are ideal for family vacations, birdwatching trips, and relaxing getaways. Los Pinos has comfortable fully equipped cabañas that provide easy access to all that this area has to offer.

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