It’s not just a nike commercial.

 December 16th, 2008 |    patrickhughes

Just do it. Make it happen. Go. Try it you will not regret it. These are quickly becoming some of my most used phases, to our guests here at "The Sunset" As time has passed and we have learned you can convince somebody to hurl themselves across a thin steel cable on a canopy tour at 90 kmph and 99.99% of the time they will return grinning and thanking you for the recommendation. However trying to convince that same person to go for a hike on the hanging bridges or that same canopy tour in the rain and you may very well be met by astonished bewilderment akin to having had asked them to throw themselves off of a cliff sans equipment or belay (as we often suggest people to do at Desafio Adventure companies Lost Canyon Adventure, with great results). Point being, seems alot of folks have a real aversion to a little bit of wet weather. Of course you can explain that "it is after all a rain forest", "wait a bit, the weather may change", "well if it were not for all the precipitation the lush tropics that surrounds us would not exist" but unfortunately these logical explanations can often fall on deaf ears. The newest strategy at "The Sunset Luxury Guesthouse" is JUST DO IT. It seems that this aversion can be conquered with a lot of positive energy from the host and a reminder that life is short and going on, rain or shine. That in fact some of these experiences can be better in the rain, as monkeys will huddle under protecting branches as you whizz by in your canopy gear, the hanging bridges of La Fortuna become an absolute primordial vision of peace and tranquility in the fog and rain. To see Lake Arenal cover over in mist from the hike at the base of Arenal Volcano is a site that you will never forget.

Make it happen, because vacations and life are to short to be put aside by a little inclement weather. If it gets to bad, I mean sideways rain bad, you can always spend the afternoon in the covered pool house here at "The Sunset". After all who wants to get wet, when you are swimming….. ; )