It’s about experience.

 December 20th, 2008 |    patrickhughes

Every hotel doing business in Costa Rica has access to a canopy tour, every hotel can recommend a fine and safe company for a white water tour, every hotel can "sell you" each and every tour offered by Adventure hotels of Costa Rica. So what’s the difference in using a AHCR member hotel and any of the chain hotels that dot this beautiful land? One simple word, experience, AHCR affiliate hotels go the extra mile and have actually participated in the tours they offer. They know what to expect and if the tour your interested in would be suitable for your group. On more than one occasion we have downplayed a certain tour available here at "The Sunset" not because it wasn’t a great tour but because it did not suit the group wanting to participate. In exchange we will offer something that might suit the group and guarantee a fantastic trip.

As much as Mom and Dad might think their two year old would really enjoy rappelling down waterfalls at, Desafio’s Lost Canyon Adventure, we can’t recommend it to them because even though it is a safe and fantastic adventure. It takes all your facilities to make sure you enjoy it safely and completely. If Mom and Dad really want to go, we have experienced babysitting staff on hand to see to the little ones needs, so the bigger kids can go play. If the family wants to stay together for the entire trip there are still so many activities that suit the very young to the very not so young. Choosing what to do can be the most difficult part. So instead of the Lost Canyon, might I suggest the Las Pumas, injured big cat reserve. Where you and your family can see in one place, every big to small cat that thrives in Costa Rica. Then you could follow that up with a float trip down the Rio Corobici with Safari’s Corobici. A leisurely float down the river that promises a view of crocodiles, bats, monkeys and more birds than you have space on your memory card to photograph! If there is still time in the day and adventure in your heart another twenty minute drive puts you at the Cataratas de llenos Cortez, a sixty foot wide waterfall with a 50 foot drop and a pool just right for swimming at the base. It’s not in the guidebooks and it will leave you in awe.

So, when you choose an Adventure Hotel of Costa Rica hotel. Your not just receiving a great deal on a clean room in a gorgeous natural setting your getting the experience that comes with staying with people that have your interests and good times at heart. That have walked the same trails, swam the same rivers. To give you advice that you can count on.