From Rex and Ginna Photography – Scarlet macaw day

 December 9th, 2010 |    lookoutinn

This morning was a fabulous Scarlet Macaw day, and Lookout Inn may be one the best places on earth to photograph these colorful, intelligent birds. Lookout Inn sits high in the canopy so flight shots can be taken into the green jungle background. The birds above were in mating flight, and we were lucky to catch the amazing ‘flight dance’ as if it were suspended in air, which it wasn’t. In fact, the roll occurred without the slightest hesitation in flight. After this pirouette the macaws settled into a tree for a another courtship display, and what can we say, the shot was taken from our ‘bathroom’ in the swing-in-spa. And all of this after a swim in the warm waters of the ocean and before breakfast, which was delicious. It seems to just keep getting better!

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