Esterillos Oeste

 October 13th, 2010 |    ladolcevita

Playa Esterillos Oeste is located south of Playa Hermosa, the rocky Punta Judas divides the two beaches.

Esterillos Oeste can’t be seen from the road, one needs to watch out not to miss the turn off. The 7 kilometer long beach is ideal for long walks or jogging. The waves are shallow and not so steep and fast like in Playa Hermosa, they are good for longboards.

Many surfers that live in Jaco prefer to surf the waves further south, in Hermosa or Esterillos.

Nevertheless not only surfers visit the beach, especially on the weekends Costa Rican families frequent this beach. It’s one of the beaches in Costa Rica where the Ticos still outnumber the foreign tourists.

Swimmers should watch out for currents and maybe learn from the locals about possible dangers.

The northern end of the beach is craggy, from the beach you can spot a mermaid sitting on a rock. Accordingly this surf spot is called "La Sirena" (the mermaid), the waves break slowly to the right and are excellent for lonngboarders. This spot is best surfed in the morning during high tide, the waves break over a rocky bottom. Further to the left the bottom is sandy and the waves here are surf able too.

A protected tide pool can be found at the cliffy north part of the beach. During low tide the ocean uncovers numerous fossilizations.

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