Eponaquest EAT PRAY RIDE – October 12th – 19th, 2015

 August 5th, 2015 |    leavesandlizard

Eponaquest EAT PRAY RIDE

October 12th – 19th, 2015

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Leaves and Lizards Retreat, Costa Rica

Horses help make conscious in humans what is unconscious – our authentic selves – the person we were meant to be. Highly sensitive animals, they respond to subtle changes in their handler’s body language, providing feedback on how we are in this moment. Examining our own reactions to equine behavior can lead to powerful new insights into our own natural abilities and talents and help enhance and promote personal and professional growth.

During the workshop we explore how to:

Understand and use emotions as information.

Consistently access a more mindful and intuitive presence.

Establish and maintain optimal personal space for personal well-being.

Use your bodies as a sensory and communication device, accessing the “other 90%” (non-verbal communication)

Recognize and move beyond the limiting, unconscious beliefs and behaviors that keep us stuck in old patterns

Discuss how to distinguish social conditioning and authentic behaviors and beliefs.

Overcome counterproductive ways of thinking and reacting, learning to respond with heart-centered presence.

Experience, facilitated by horses, true congruence/coherence. In the equine mind, incongruence does not make sense to them, they respond when our body and our minds are in sync.

Listen to our bodies as a source of information for living a more balanced life. Exercising our intuition and letting go of the egocentric chatter.

Discuss the implications of predatory and non-predatory power in leadership and group dynamics.

Create an authentic community, thus building a ‘sacred space’ for self development.