DOTA land of coffee and quetzals

 November 18th, 2009 |    toucanet



Dota gets its name from an Indian chief who visited the area from Quepos before the colonization. Santa María de Dota was discovered by Jose Maria Ureña Mora, who came from the Central Valley in search of a new homestead in the 1880´s . This man came to this valley with other families and claim the land, evoking their efforts to survival agriculture corn, beans, and vegetables. Sometime in the 1950´s coffee farming became the mainstay for many families resulting in the birth of COOPEDOTA (coffee co-op) in 1960. Little to know that the coffe from CoopeDota years later has become world renown for its high quality.

Now days CoopeDota is the economic motor of Santa Maria de Dota.

Today CoopeDota offers an authentic coffee tour, including a short walk through the processing plant following the coffee beans from harvest to a cup of exquisite coffee. This coffee tour can be booked during your stay at EL TOUCANET LODGE.

In the surrounding mountains of Santa María de Dota, inside the

Los Santos Forest Reserve exists the valley of Copey de Dota; a long time birdwatchers secret spot for common Quetzal sightings.

EL TOUCANET LODGE located in Copey is the perfect place to access

both the coffee farms and coffee tour and the nature reserves of the county of Dota; including the LOS QUETZALES NATIONAL PARK and