Costa Rica’s Environmental Report/Remedies

 July 12th, 2014 |    mangotree

There are no areas of biodiversity in Costa Rica that have not left an indelible footprint and no habitats have been spared. All ecosystems have suffered change at the hands of humanity, or we should say lack of humanity.

High on the list is deforestation and in that certain species of jungle trees have lagged in growth. Water is scarce in parts of CR. Ecosystems have been altered and penetrated by human consumption.

In 2008 consumption of natural resources exceed replacement by 12 %. Most is concentrated in Carbon emissions from vehicles and a deficit of wooded lands due to a population increase.

Close to 9000 hectares of land were reforested in the 1990s but that has slowed to around 3000 hectares per year. Why? The demand for wood is on the rise.

Major current problems are wastewater issues, too many septic systems threatening the subterranean water supplies and air pollution, especially around San Jose. Costa Rica needs sewage treatment systems and now, before it is too late.

No concrete solutions have been proposed, only suggestions of conservation.

We welcome all the suggestions that can be offered. Here are some of ours.

1. When clearing your property to build, demand that the excavator not create a plantel devoid of trees. Tag the trees and vegetation you want to preserve. Shade is nice, you know!

2. Put in a sewage treatment system rather than a septic system. Plan for your neighbors and community.

3. Don’t buy and use plastic drinking bottles. Recycle.

4. Plant organic gardens.

5. Try to build with solar, wind or waterfall generated energy.

6. Use cloth shopping bags, not plastic.

7. For every tree you cut down plant two.

8. Compost, don’t burn

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