Costa Rican Travel Tip, 3 weeks 20 days!

 April 21st, 2009 |    hotelrsj

In the following description we describe the Traveltips which will take you throughout Costa Rica on a most pleasant way. It will give you the perfect Costa Rica experience, and let you enjoy everything of what Costa Rica has to offer.

Of course, there are many alternatives, in parks and Hotels to visit. The Travel tips which are given are gathered by our self’s and our guests, based on traveling with a rental car.

These hotels eco-friendly owner-operated three and four star hotels strategically located throughout Costa Rica. With a charming ambience that will be a reflecting of the immediate vicinity and Costa Rica in general. The service and meals are all on a comparable so is the price-quality ratio in general.

Traveling in Costa Rica:

  • Car rental ca $ 350, – per week

excluding all additional risk insurance ca $50 per day

  • Meals ca $25, – per day per person
  • Tours excursions around $45, – per person per tour
  • Overnight ca $65, – per 2-bedroom per night including breakfast and taxes

20 day tour

Day 1 Arrival in Costa Rica

You can use our transfer bus from the airport. The driver will be identified by a sign with your name on it. Transfer costs $ 23, — 2 persons including luggage

Day 2 You can choose to stay the second day in the hotel or continue directly to save the city of San jose for the last. If you decide to stay an extra day you can do a city walk after breakfast a description of this tour can be asked ad the front desk. Or see the article below.

You can visit the center of the city and the various museums. Lunch and dinner are available at the restaurant which is directly across the street.

Day 3 In the early morning after breakfast your rental car is delivered about 08:30 at our Hotel. Travel tip,in case of 2 persons rent a the Daihatsu Bego 4×4 or the Suzuki Vitara 4×4 which is a little more luxurious but. For 2-4 persons, the Suzuki Vitara, Toyata Prado or Toyata Rav are suitable cars. You can ask your personal price upon reservation.

After receiving the car, you leave for the Caribbean coast. A little nice village named Cahita. The ride will take about 5 hours Via San Jose, BariIlo Carillo National Park, Limon, Cahita (Porto Viejo). En route you can stop take time for a cup of coffee or a drink you will be around 14:00 hours in Cahita. This small caribean village with a beautiful beach in the National park of Cahita.

Activities offered like snorkeling, hiking, etc. or just relaxing. The charming and nice hotel, Bungalows Ache will be a nice place to relax and enjoy your stay at the beach. You can stay 2 nights, in Cahita. Possibly you can choose to go to Porto Viejo to go which is little more touristy then Cahita.

Day 4 In the morning it is possible having breakfast your hotel or use your breakfast in one of the nice restaurants in the village. After breakfast it is beautiful to take a walk in to the park. You can go through the whole park to the other end since you can take the bus that brings you back to Cahita.

Day 5 In the morning you can take a snorkel tour in the Bay of Cahita or another fun excursion Jorge and his wife both English and Spanish speaking have all kinds of possibilities to organize tours for you.

Day 6 After breakfast we leave in the direction of la Fortuna, because this is pretty long trip is recommended to make an overnight in Porto Vieja Sarapique. There is a nice lodge named Heliconia Island this lodge has a the most beautiful garden. You will stay one night, if you like to go rafting you can do so here because you’re in the rafting center of Costa Rica, however, and then you would have to stay 2 nights.

Day 7 Rafting a big adventure, very exciting and nice experience.

Day 7 we head to Fortuna, hotel tip there is Aranal volcano inn , which is just outside of the village of la fortuna

Fortuna is because of the well known Arenal volcano, nicely developed.

You can make beautiful horse back trips ore hikes around the volcano. Relax and bubble in the naturally heated spa baths. Do a sky canopy walk and much more.

Also nic to do is, a trip to the Cano Negro, this is a river delta where the will take you by boat to see the most beautiful birds etc. This tour can be made by your self ore even booked ad you reception desk. You can also use the agent in in la fortune

Day 8 excursions la fortune and surroundings

Day 9 On the road again, towards the Rincon de la Vieja, the oldest volcano in Costa Rica, via Liberia to the Buena Vista a nice rustic lodge Guana Casta old finca entirely suitable for receiving guests. The Cabinas are made around a coral built for horses. They also have a bar with a splendid view over the Golfo de Nicoya and all kinds of fun things to do. Like horseback riding, enjoying the spa in the naturally heated baths, hiking, canopy, skywalk, ore throw your self of the giant water slide of 800 meters. Again 2 nights stay including breakfast and dinner.

Day 10 excursions Buena vista lodge

Day 11 We go to the pacific coast of Nicoya very popular especially in the dry season and the weather is beautiful. Traveltip, Samara is where you will find all kinds of nice hotels, lodges or small apartments Hotel,like the Hide away,

12/13 Day morning in the early morning it is nice to take a stroll along the beach.

Day 14 Again a traveling day in the car towards the Corcovado nacional park this is probably the most beautifull you will see on your trip. The virgin jungle ontouched by man one of the most beautifull parks of costa rica that we have in Costa Rica.

It is a long journey which you do not need to make in one day you can choose the route you want to travel. First 150 kilometers to the Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo about 2.5 hours driving a nice spot in the Quanacaste

day 15 to Quepos, Manuel Antonio hotel mono Azul

There are several nice hotels in Manuel Antonio and Quepos

If the trip is progressing well, you can choose to head to uvita, Travel tip Mar Y selva Eco lodge

Day 16 The dust road from Quepos to uvita approximately 4 hours drive (in the dry season) about 40 kilometers. After the dust road you pass by Dominical on a tarmac road. Approximately 2 hour drive to Puerto Jimenez that is village where you will find the lodge La Choza del Manglar suital lodge. Here you can do varias excursions, Jungel hikes, dolphins safaris in the bay of Golfo dulce etc…

17/18 day excursions corcovado

Day 19 Back to San Jose, use the road witch leads you over the Sierra de la muerto a long tiring journey but beautiful, about 7 hours driving. You stay at The Hotel Rincon de San Jose for you last night.

Day 20, your adventure in Costa Rica is over, we hope you can look back on a beautiful trip. In which you enjoyed the beautiful beaches and nature, the charming Costa Rican people and the adventures tours

You will be picked up by airport transfer and head home.