Costa Rica Dinosaur Land

 March 29th, 2016 |    BlueRiver

Dino Park

Liberia, Costa Rica, March 23, 2016

Giant prehistoric dinosaurs are back! See them in the rain forest of Liberia Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Experience an ‘up-close-and-personal’ encounter with them in their natural habitat, the misty Rincon de la Viejas rain forest in Liberia, Costa Rica.

They are now roaming the recently completed Dino Park. All twenty-six prehistoric behemoths can be viewed ‘at-arms-length’. Your adventure is takes place in the lush Costa Rica rain forest where other exotic species abound. Become an explorer, search out the dinosaurs in the Dino Park. Carefully follow the sound of their bellowing roars, groans and squawks, stick close to your native guide.

Dino Park, the dinosaur theme attraction, is the only one in Latin America, and the newest of its kind in the world. Paleontologists have confirmed the disappearance of the Dinosaurs from the planet, roughly 200 million years ago. At that time, this Isthmus that now connects the North American continent to the Southern continental landmass did not exist. Then nearly 100 years later, volcanoes emerged along this section of the Pacific Ring of Fire, dividing the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean. The volcanoes eventually created the area that extends from Mexico City, through Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and across Panama, into Columbia.

Dinosaurs were extinct by the time the Isthmus was formed; but could they have left their eggs hidden by the Costa Rican jungle?

Looking at the creatures in the Dino Park it would appear as if the goliaths’ eggs hatched and are now fully grown.

Dinosaurs- those giant creatures that once ruled the continents; once thought to be extinct they can now be observed in the newly opened Dino Park located next to the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs, in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

These prehistoric creatures got their name from the Greek words denios meaning terrifying and sauros the lizard. Those thrilling lizards are once again roaming the misty jungle. Dino Park is home to twenty-six different species of those enormous, prehistoric creatures. They live in the Park animated and controlled by computers. Creature features like Jurassic Park brought them to the cinema screens in 1993. Now here in Dino Park the dinosaurs have returned. These are not statues but life sized animatronic dinosaurs in the jungle. Their awesome presence is made known as they bellow, roar, and screech, in their jungle domain just as they did centuries ago.

Children, both young and old, love to interact with them and quickly make friends with each other in the process. Language is never a barrier here as imaginations come alive in Dino Park. Here the adventure becomes an education in the living ‘jungle-classroom’.

“Look! There is a Red Eyed Green Frog!” as the colorful little creature basks in the sun atop a tropical leaf, his pad. Above, sitting almost motionlessly is a Stick Insect from the Mantis family. Further up in the trees, swings a White Faced Monkey jabbering with excitement as he curiously watches the visitors below. Gazing higher in the top’s of the trees the explorer spots a massive Sauropod. Discover the Brachiosaurus, Pterosaur, T. Rex, and all the prehistoric characters here in the Dino Park. Many colorful creatures live here, some are native to Costa Rica.

Dino Park Explorers, or visitors if you prefer, travel along the clearly marked scenic trails. It is a leisurely walk for adults and children alike, and not a problem for those with a mobility challenge. Each one has details and curious facts about the mammoth creature displayed before it. Vibrant colors add to their realism, making them standout against the natural rain forest backdrop.

Explore at your leisure and take many photos of your journey. Imagine taking a ‘selfie’ with a life-size dinosaur brandishing its teeth next to your ear. Be sure to turn ‘ON” the geogtagging feature on your cameras when you do, then you will have a precise record of where you stood in the Costa Rican jungle.

Dino Park was constructed without disturbing the delicate flora and fauna of Costa Rica’s rain forest. Dino Park is located next to Costa Rica’s enchanting, Blue River Resort and Hot Springs, the jungle retreat with a reputation for being one of Costa Rica’s most enjoyed Eco-Resorts. Both are situated close to the base of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano, and National Park of the same name. The Blue River Resort is a convenient ‘base-camp’ for visitors taking tours of this Tourist-Mecca, and setting-out on vacation expeditions in Liberia.

The Blue River Resort and Hot Springs offers many ‘Costa Rica Vacation Packages’, including Eco Adventure Tour packages, starting with ‘1 Day Tours’ for visitors making a short stopover. You can add a ‘Dino Park Tour’ to any of the Resort’s other packages for a truly awesome outdoor vacation.

At the Blue River Resort visitors relax and rejuvenate after a fun-filled day of healthy activities. There is plenty to do here; the warm waters of the ‘Rio Azul’ flowing through the Resort, creates many recreational opportunities for fun-filled-family-vacation. Go water tubing, white-water rafting, canoeing, swimming, and snorkeling, in the warm waters pre-heated by the volcano. Other options include many activities at the nearby beaches, canopy tours atop the trees, zip-lining, horseback rides, trail-bike rides, or simply a leisurely hike.

Enjoy any of the many tour opportunities and then unwind in the Blue River Resort’s gymnasium or simply melt-down in the sauna, or soak in a warm mud bath. A refreshing swim in any of our ‘natural pools’ will to it all.

In the evening, enjoy cocktails at the ‘Tiki Bar’ before dinner in the family styled restaurant. It sets the stage for an enchanted evening under the stars, then enjoy a good night’s sleep in a spacious, air-conditioned, Cabana. Each one is loaded with all the conveniences required for the family’s comfort, relaxation, and total enjoyment.

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