Chirripo National Park

 January 23rd, 2009 |    hotelpelicano

Chirripo National Park

Tour to the Chirripo national park “4 days and 3 nights”

Inside the park there are areas filled with wildlife such as the rainforest and mountain areas. The park is home to the highest peak in Costa Rica and Central- America, the Chirripo Peak which stands 3.820 meters above sea level.

Formed by molded and varied glacial forms in different shapes, hills, mounds, glaciers and lakes, the Chirripo is a wonderful place full of beautiful scenery and history.

In the upper part of the park there are 5 areas of great geological and biological importance: La Sabana de los Leones, El Valle de los Conejos, el Cerro Chirripo, El valle de las Morrenas and el Valle de los Lagos. In el valle de los Lagos we find the Chirripo Lake, a beautiful lake that has sediment deposits more tan 4000 years old. These deposits were extracted from the bottom of the lake and are evidence that forest fires occurred in ancient times, started by natural phenomena or by the Indians who lived in these areas.

We have to mention the great beauty of this place, the purity of the rivers, the clean crisp air and the high quality of the communities that live in the upper parts of Chirripo San Gerardo, Herradura, Canaan and Los Angeles. These communites also offer you the chance to enjoy a great number of touristic opportunities in the area.

Fitness Level

The fitness level required is high, and it is not recommended for people who have medical problems or are not allowed to do exercise. For people who do not have these medical restrictions or conditions, the key to success here is to have the right attitude and approach the climb to the top as a challenge that can be overcome if we just put or mind into it.

What should I take?

* A change of clothes and hiking gear to use during the day

* A good pair of hiking boots with good grip

* 2 pairs of socks (cotton is not recommended because it is hard to dry)

* 1 pair of hiking pants, it should be made of a light material that can breath and dry fast (jeans are not recommended)

* 1 thermal shirt (dries fast the sweat) either short sleeved or long sleeved.

* 1 sweater or warm jacket (fleece, etc.)

* A water proof jacket or windbreaker

* 1 poncho, 1 hat, bottled water (1 liter minimum), binoculars, digital camera and toilet paper.

* NOTE: It is recommended that you use the gear we have outlined above because this way you will not carry excess clothing and if your clothing were to get wet, it could dry overnight if it is made of the appropriate materials.

* 1 change of clothes and gear for the night that must always be kept dry

* 1 pair of tennis shoes (some people use sandals with socks) for the night or to be in the refuge.

* 1 pair of socks for the cold (wool socks are ideal because of the heat storing capabilities.)

* 1 pair of pants or sweatpants to use at night in the refuge.

* 1 thermal long sleeved shirt

* 1 sweater or jacket that holds the heat

* 1 sleeping bag that works for 0 to 5 degrees centigrade (can be rented at El Pelicano Mountain Housing.)

* 1 wool hat and 1 pair of gloves or mittens and a small towel.

* 1 small flash light (2 double A batteries).


Day 1

Arrival at El Pelicano Mountain Lodge

During the afternoon you will be able to enjoy the wonderful views from our facilities, as well as enjoy the art collection with more than 200 pieces of art all created by our father. Enjoy hiking trails, swimming pools, pin pong tables and other fun activities.

Equipment and gear transportation is coordinated between 6:00 and 7:30pm and if you will not arrive before that time please let us know so that we can take the appropriate measures.

Dinner at our restaurant at 7:30pm

Brief conversation given by the tour guide or coordinator at 8:00pm

Day 2

Breakfast at our restaurant and a snack to go at 4:30am

Transportation to the beginning of the hike and start of the trip at 5:00am

Lunchtime of day 1 will be given once everyone is registered and situated in their rooms of the Albergue Centro Ambientalista El Paramo.

Dinner at Centro Ambientalista El Paramo from 6:00 to 7:00pm

Total in kilometers: 14.5

Approximate time: 7 hours

Day 3

Breakfast and snack to go at Centro Ambientalista El Paramo 4:00 to 5:00am

Hike to the Chirripo Peak (5 kilometers)

Hike back to El Valle los Conejos (+4 kilometers)

Visit to the Terbi peak (+2.5 kilometers) and los Crestones

Hike back to the Centro Ambientalista El Paramo (+3.5 kilometers)

Dinner 6:00 – 7:00pm

Total in kilometers: 14

Approximate time: 7 hours

Day 4

Breakfast and snack to go at Centro Ambientalista El Paramo 6:00 to 7:00am

Hike back down to San Gerardo of Rivas

Lunch at El Pelicano Mountain Housing from 11:30am to 2:00pm

Total in kilometers: 14.5

Approximate time: 5 hours

Other services included

Parking, Transportation to the beginning of the trail, coordination with the porters for our customer’s equipment and gear, registration in MINAE, use of the showers and pool once we get back from the Chirripo, storage room at el Pelicano where you can store your luggage while you are away on the hike, all food services are included from the very first day you come to el Pelicano all the way to your very last day.

Package Costs:

1 person (National) $398

1 person (Foreign) $410

2 people (Nationals) $295 each

2 people (Foreigners) $307 each

3 people (Nationals) $210 each

3 people (Foreigners) $222 each

4 people (Nationals) $205 each

4 people (Foreigners) $217 each

5 to 7 people (Nationals) $198 each

5 to 7 people (Foreigners) $210 each

8 or more people ( Nationals) $158 each. (Without guide) Additional guide $195 for the group.

8 or more people ( Foreigners) $170 each.(Without guide) Additional guide $195 for the group.

Payment forms

Once we confirm available spots for the tour you will be asked to give a 30% down payment of the cost of the tour, the remaining 70% must be canceled no later than one week before the trip.


For this package refunds are not available once the tour is confirmed, nevertheless, the client has the option to sell the package to another person as long as it is for the same date and under the same payment conditions that the reservations were made under.

Important Notes:

For less than 4 people the guide will be the one in charge of cooking at the Centro Ambientalista El Paramo

When the guide service does not want to be used a cook will be hired at the Centro Ambientalista El Paramo. The cost will be the same

Groups of 5 people or more will have their own cook at the Centro Ambientalista El Paramo

In cases where the guide will not be used the client will be able to choose and specify hiking.