December 9th, 2008 |    coralhill

CAHUITA Costa Rica, is located on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. It is a beach side community unlike any in Costa Rica. The beautiful beaches have both white and black sands. Anchored by Cahuita National Park, and its 2 kilometer coral reef, the village is a unique combination of African, Latin, Asian and European cultures. The laid back atmosphere and tranquil pace are one of the first things you will notice when here. The beauty is enhanced, at this time, by the fact that there are no large big name resorts or hotels, no golf courses, gated communities or condominium towers. No chain eateries or brand name anything. No supermarkets and no coffee shops. It is a land of jungle and nature. A land of natural beauty for those looking to see Costa Rica as it was before development changed the nature of the landscape. Being flanked by the Talamanca Mountains on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, allows for a wide variety of jungle sports and ocean sports, sun, sea and forest.

A large variety of animals such as Howler Monkey’s, White Faced Monkeys, Sloths, Guatusas and Iguanas abound through out the area. There is a sloth rescue center at the Rio Estrella, Horse back riding at Playa Negra, Snorkeling on Cahuita reef followed by a guided tour of the plants, animals, reptiles and insects of the park, Zip Lining high above the jungle in Carbon on over 2000 meters of line, the Cocoa trails where you can see how chocolate is grown, processed and made, tour through an Indian Medicinal Garden, Canoe up the Carbon River and see Cahuita Park from the seldom visited south side. Hike to Volio Falls and visit a Bri Bri Indian village.

The diverse culture of Cahuita also has the advantage of producing some interesting, unique and delicious cuisines to sample at the many different restaurants throughout the village and surrounding area.

Cahuita is an eco-friendly, green and diverse area. Prices for restaurant meals and hotel rooms reflect the diverse and undeveloped place that the Caribbean coast is. Without large resorts and developments the prices stay low even for the more upscale hotels. Many of the accommodations reflect unique, whimsical designs and unique architectural structures and are almost all owner operated. The personal service provided by owner operators will make up for the fact that few have air conditioning, bars, TV, phones or other amenities that would keep you form enjoying the sights and sounds of the great outdoors and feast on the sights of the wild life that is everywhere.

Cahuita was founded by descendents of late- 19th century-Jamaican immigrants who lend a Rasta vide to the area. The Talamanca Mountains just outside Cahuita are inhabited by indigenous tribes who still lack electricity in their villages. If you are looking for a different kind of Costa Rica than you see in the brochures, on the international travel web sites or what you may get from your travel agent, then come to Cahuita, be adventuresome and discover the intense beauty of the area, it’s people and it’s wildlife.

Visit the southern villages of Puerto Viejo, Playa Chiquita, Playa Cocles, Punta Uva and Manzanillo. Go diving, surfing or kayaking. Enjoy the many diverse restaurant cuisines and the party atmosphere of a surfers paradise. We on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica have much to offer. Come see us soon.