AHCR Charity Work

 February 17th, 2009 |    tierradesuenos

AHCR has participated in our first charity effort as a new group! The Talamanca region of Costa Rica, located in the southern Caribbean, recently suffered from major flooding and landslides after a 9 day stretch of torrential rains in November. The flood displaced approximately 4,000 people in the area as well as severely damaged one of Costa Rica’s largest banana plantations leading to the loss of many jobs in the area. AHCR members did a fabulous job of sending money donations, food, clothing and other supplies to these families in need. Through a local association, ATEC (Talamanca Ecotourism and Conservation Association), we managed to deliver quite a substantial donation which is going primarily to the replacement of school supplies that were lost in the flood. I can’t imagine better spent money. I would like to thank the following AHCR members who so graciously participated in this very important charity effort.

Adventure Inn

Banana Azul

Cashew Hill

El Toucanet

Mar y Selva Ecolodge

Sabalo Lodge

Casa Bella Rita

Leaves and Lizards

Mono Azul

Red Sunset Luxury Guesthouse

Tierra de Sueños

For anybody who is interested in opportunities for community building and service here on the Caribbean coast, please feel free to contact us at Tierra de Sueños or Alaine at ATEC, www.greencoast.com.

Also, for anybody interested in visiting us on the Caribbean coast, the sun is out again, the beaches are gorgeous and tourism is a wonderful way to help a place recover from a natural disaster.