A life affirming if not a life altering experience.

 December 14th, 2008 |    patrickhughes

When you take a vacation to Costa Rica, quite a few images and expectations might pop into your mind. Incredible, rich biodiversity, lush jungle landscapes, flora and fauna that defies belief as well as overwhelming the senses and of course adventure. Oh yes, adventure. Costa Rica has become famous in recent years for its’ canopy/zip line tours, world class white water rafting, spelunking, quad tours, mountain biking and on Lake Arenal specifically kite boarding and windsurfing equal to none. A more recent trend in the La Fortuna area, a quick 50 minute drive from the "The Sunset Luxury Guesthouse", is Canyoning. Canyoning first appeared in the La Fortuna area in 2004, when a guide at Desafio adventure company decieded to share a vision of natural splendor with his employers and the rest of the world. Canyoning in it’s essence is a combination of rappeling down raging waterfalls, hiking, rock scrambling and swimming. It is a challenge to the body and food for the soul. Imagine yourself geared up and preparing for your first descent, 185 feet straight down, pristine waters rushing by you and extremely well trained, proffesional guides at your belay, above and below. NOW GO!!!

Guests at "The Sunset" have been partaking in this incredible activity for almost three years now and the most commonly shared sentiments are that it was the perfect close to a perfect week and that nothing they have ever done can compare to it, more than a few have claimed it "changed their life" and their perceptions of themselves. Many a guest has come back to relax at "The Sunset" after this activity and spent the rest of the evening hours "telling the tales" and going over and over their photos with family and friends till the wee hours.

One of the fantastic things about "The Sunset" in fact all "Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica" participating hotels. Is that large travelling groups can share in these activities together. If any members of the group are unable due to physical or personal reasons participate, there is no sense of exclusion as there is still so much for them to do in and around our partner hotels. Upon the return of the participant groups they can all get together and share the days activities. That’s one of the differences between a standard hotel and a AHCR member hotel. AHCR hotels have room for the entire group to share in the adventure. Making life affirming, unforgettable family and group vacations a reality.