A Family Vacation in Costa Rica aka The Happiest Country on Earth

 April 23rd, 2015 |    bobby@bobbywork

You’ve probably heard Costa Rica referred to recently as the “Happiest country on Earth.” It is indeed one of the most wonderful places in the world boasting stunning natural landscapes, a huge variety of wildlife and plenty of friendly people. Every year, people from all over the world come back to visit this wondrous place to refresh, recharge and reconnect to its uniquely rich culture, traditions and lifestyle. Costa Rica is an ideal place for family vacations and getaways.

Why Choose Costa Rica for Your Family’s Getaway?

Costa Rica almost never fails to impress people, especially families, and make them happy. The country’s natural beauty provides the backdrop to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at the following reasons to visit Costa Rica for your family vacation:

Variety of Costa Rica Vacation Packages & Promos – Depending on your budget, number of family members and number of days you have for vacation, there are a lot of vacation packages to choose from.

Great Options for Beaches, Resorts, Restaurants, Hotels and Other Establishments – While all of Costa Rica has something to offer, we are partial to Manuel Antonio for families. It packs the beach, mountains, rivers, restaurants, shopping and even a new world class marina all into one location.

Friendly Locals – You and your family will likely meet new friends on vacation in Costa Rica. Both local Costa Rica born Ticos as well as expats from all over the world who’ve chosen to make the happiest country on Earth their home.


Partly cloudy and totally beautiful!

Why the Rainy Season in Costa Rica Might Be Ideal for Your Family Vacation

Manuel Antonio is essentially a rainforest at the beach. The rain here is magical. It is a warm rain that can be enjoyed in your private pool if you’re staying with us here at Espadilla Ocean Club. September and October might be the rainiest months here.

This time of year is beautiful! There is plenty of beach time, far fewer people in town, and generally a more relaxed vibe as compared to high season. Perhaps best of all for families on vacation, everything in rainy season is cheaper – supply and demand 😉

What Benefits Do Vacations Provide to Your Life?

Vacations can provide great benefits to your life. Escape from the stress, worries, problems, noise, and other negative aspects in your daily life. Come find yourself at the Espadilla Ocean Club. Come reconnect with your family in paradise. At the end of your life, the last thing any of else will say to ourselves is that we wished we spent more of lives working.

Spend the quality time you deserve with your family and friends as you make memories that you will all cherish forever.

My family and I are standing by to help your family have the best experience possible.