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Keep in mind there are many reasons to come and visit the south Caribbean zone of Costa Rica. Actually, there are so many that it is impossible to mention them all … so this is why we decided to include only ten.

I did not compile this list alone but with the help and advice of several other people who equally love Puerto Viejo. This is what I found.


(1). NATURE, the incredible majesty of the tropical forests stopped from growing only by the black and white beaches, and the many fresh water that slide along forming the rivers in the mountains, the waterfalls that form lovely fresh pools to swim safely.

(2). The FAUNA, an array of tropical birds that delight and entertain us, lazy and their offspring that descend from the trees to greet us, the giant iguanas and lizards that run around everywhere, toucans, hummingbirds in short… a host of bugs that we welcome sight of every day.

(3). The BEACHES, full of life with their warm, crystal clear waters and plenty of colorful fish, shellfish and lobsters … coral reefs, sea plants … cangrejitos (land and sea crabs) and sharks.

Seeing the beauty of Costa Rican families on their holidays enjoying the beaches, we have the opportunity to see a little more of their culture, while we are privileged to enjoy these beautiful beaches for the rest of the year without almost anybody in them. ¡Qué bueno!

(4). The TROPICAL CLIMATE, the eternal summer, which one never tires of, and the experience of living a week or more under the tropical rains,

yes, it is so worthwhile.

See the gray skies but the horizon is clear leaving the vast cloud that is already occurring. The sunsets, full of reds, purples, pinks and oranges … with thousands of shades of blue and the beautiful sunrises that encourage you to get up out of bed because today, there is so much beauty to keep watching.

(5). The AFRO CARIBBEAN CULTURE, that pervades the coast with their odors of Run Down, Rice and Beans, Journey Cake, Pan Bon and Panamanian Chile.

Beautiful people with golden skins and naive and happy souls.

Fishermen, hunters and farmers…

Direct descendants of Africa, passing from Jamaica, and arrived from the Caribbean of Nicaraguan, and mainly from Panama’s, looking for turtles, leaving coconut palms, and yucca planted along the coast.

(6). The REGGAE and Calypso, also legacies of the Afro-Caribbean culture, Reggae music is the best on the planet, it arrives at the spirit and makes you feel you are doing the will of God when you praise Him … Reggae Roots invoke the name above every name: Jesus Christ, and when that happens you reach The PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

And the Calypso music … beautiful, sweet, cheerful and very danceable… to play and laugh. Listen to Mister Ferguson from Cahuita … the very best!

(7). THE INDIGENOUS BRIBRÍ PEOPLE, the first inhabitants of the Canton of Talamanca. Beautiful and simple people, full of all the knowledge of these “difficult” lands,

With the wisdom acquired throughout so many years on medicinal plants (the essence of the medicine), the treatment of animals and the respect and use of a truly intelligent way with the Earth, their way of life in this planet is an example to us all.

The vibration of the indigenous people, confidence and peace of their silence, the simplicity in lifestyle and humility, are simply necessary of being experienced.

(8).PUERTO VIEJO town itself, Of Course!

Absolutely anyone visiting Puerto Viejo de Talamanca knows in every way that Puerto Viejo people live in a harmony with at least fifty different nationalities, preciously MULTICULTURAL.

Puerto Viejo is like New York, but tropicalized!

So many neat little places in Puerto Viejo:

Taxis, Internet, Post Office, Bank, Pharmacy, Italian Meat, fish, Supermarkets, Restaurants top quality Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Costaricans, Caribbean, Nicaragua, Canadians, Americans, Thais, Mexicans, etc.. etc.. etc…. Clubs.

Homemade ice cream, organic coffee roaster factory, chocolate factory.

Great local art, artists from around the world living in Costa Rica.

Beautifully and colorful friendly inviting Homes.

Rent bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, jet skis, surfboards, boogie, snorkeling equipment, diving equipment …

Tell Aldo you want one of his very original t-shirts.

Your kids can take classes in ballet and skateboard riding in the Skate Park for free.

First class hotels, ecological integrity in the environment around us … and like The Island Inn, the government does not accept large buildings and hotels of high density, we like to share and spread out!

Reaching Puerto Viejo form Limon is fast and easy, it is just a blessing since almost do not circulate cars…and when you get here, seizes the cheer atmosphere that you breathe and character of this magical place.

(9). The WAVES, starting with the wave mother SALSA BRAVA, one of the best waves in Costa Rica, not to say the best one, if you are a fairly good surfer and love the waves, you have to SURFER SALSA BRAVA!

But not only is there Salsa, but also the famous beach break Playa Cocles where there is lots of excellent surfing, just mention nearby Punta Uva, Manzanillo, and La Isla Uvita in Limón. In short, endless of good waves throughout the year.

Puerto Viejo tourism exploded (for better and for worse), through the surf. But ironically, surfing is the sport that has been responsible from take many young people away from the destructive power of drugs, alcohol, and an excess life… but at the same time has attracted a lot of the same.

(10). The SPIRITUAL WEALTH that is acquired … to see one, despite the inconvenience and the dramas that also occur in Puerto Viejo, is rich, culturally speaking for God, for habits that each bring to Puerto Viejo, are merged appeased, and the character’s need to understand, give, forgive and trust that God is above everything and has control of all his creation.

We will not fail to mention the privilege of enjoying the physical space that gives us Talamanca to find and live with ourselves, to learn and grow in an authentic way.

And also, gives us an opportunity to stay because there is still a live option in life, yes, if we were to look for and give the best in us.

All this is definitely the magic that everyone who come feels about Puerto Viejo, and is taxed on their hearts.

Our motto always will be "Good is the only thing that overcomes badly."

We hope these 10 reasons are sufficient for you to come and know our beautiful region of Costa Rica.

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It will be a pleasure to make this heaven on earth a reality for you!

Written by Mar from La Isla Inn, Playa Cocles.