, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Nature retreat and wildlife discovery in an enchanting setting...


About the hotel

Whether you're travellers seeking to avoid the well-trodden paths and live some back-to-nature moments, lovers dreaming of being alone together in an idyllic place just for you, or a family looking for an
original break where you can all be together, this holiday will satisfy you completely!

Only 15 km as the crow flies from the Pan American highway, you will experience a complete change of scenery, a royal sense of peace, a delicious micro-climate, and some fascinating discoveries in perfect harmony with an environment which feels like heaven…

In Guanacaste province in the North of Costa Rica, near the Santa Rosa National Park, our lodge, consisting of only four bungalows, will offer you an exceptional place to stay in the heart of a large estate where nature is magnificently preserved and where you will have a unique view of Lake Nicaragua and the "Maderas" and "Concepcion" volcanoes.

Our farm plays a central role at Tierra Madre: it is our main provider of fresh organic produce and satisfy your expectations of quality and your taste buds while also fitting perfectly in with the nature surrounding it.

We don't use any motorized  machinery for harvesting or transforming our produce, so all our farming takes place without noises which could frighten the wildlife and without generating any greenhouse gases. We use oxen and traditional methods of cultivation.

Conservation of the soil and groundwater is more important for us than profit
We do not use any weed-killers or chemical fertilizers. We deal with pests and weeds by hand or with a machete.

Properly-planned crop rotation, together with the use of natural fertilizers (most of which come from our farm animals) give our crops all the nutrients necessary for harmonious growth.

All organic waste is composted, and the composting process is accelerated by earthworms, so that we can recycle it back into our fields and our gardens.


Our oxen, cows and pigs, as well as our hens and ducks, are fed on grain and forage produced on-site or by small local growers who meet our quality standards.

We hope these examples of working together will contribute to promoting in the region an eco-friendly culture…

In the same spirit, we are committed to protecting local products such as chasmol, malanga and gandul…

Our farmers, François, Roger and Ramon, will be happy to answer any of your questions and share their experiences…


We look forward to meet you soon in our Little Paradise!


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$50- $150


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