, Tres de Junio, Costa Rica
We're 9,000 feet above sea level and it gets chilly here. Because what we have here instead? Miles of groomed hiking trails to get your nature on. Rare and exotic birds for the bird nerd in your family (looking at you, Dad). Beautiful viewpoints for meditating, reading . . . or smooching.


About the hotel

You want to slow down, but you don’t want to navigate the crowded beaches.

Welcome to Las Vueltas Lodge—all of the relaxation, none of the bug bites.

We do Costa Rica a little bit differently. The only thing that itches is that wool sweater your Aunt Dottie gave you for Christmas. You know the one. You’ll want to bring it. It gets chilly up here at night (Bonus! You can “accidentally” leave it behind if it’s that kind of Christmas sweater). We’re nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, after all.

Still want some beach time? Perfect. We’re a great stopping point between the airport and the Pacific. Come and see us on your way to the beach and even on the way back. We can shuttle you to and from the airport and we can make recommendations and reservations for you. We’re bilingual.

And awesome.

At Las Vueltas, you’ll find more than a few exotic birds to add to your bird list (if I say “Queztal” and your heart begins to beat a little faster, book your stay already!) And botanists go apeshit here. Tropical highlands, paramo, cloud forest, rain forest. We’ve got microclimates up the wazzu.

More of a bookworm? How would you like to tuck your pretty little self somewhere in our ancient forest and finally finish Anna Karenina? Anna not your cup of tea? Take a gander through our own library.

Do you really just need someone to take care of your basic needs (food, shelter, clean clothing . . . internet) in a quiet setting while you finish that book (thesis, proposal, screenplay . . . handwritten apology. Hey, it happens.)? Let us coddle you. Feel free to dedicate your NY Times Bestseller to us.

And we’ve got hiking trips and trails for every age and fitness level. Take an easy hour-long stroll through the forest or spend a week hiking from one side of Costa Rica to the other, with us as your guide-- navigating ancient indigenous trails and bushwhacking new ones.

In addition to being awesome, we’re hardcore.

How did we get so hardcore? Grab a cup of coffee, sneak an extra cookie and settle in:

The Seelye Family

In the late 70’s our mama and papa were fed up with race riots, police brutality, consumerism and Michigan’s cold-ass winters. They came to Costa Rica on a short vacation with their two toddlers and halfway through their third pregnancy (see? Hardcore.)

And they never went back. Okay, Mama went back a couple of years ago for a visit. But Papa never did. May God rest his soul.

At first they got all excited about the warm weather and palm trees and made a home near the beach.

But the bugs!

And the snakes!

And the scorpions! Oh, my!

Each year they gradually made their way higher and higher up in elevation, leaving the pests behind. Eventually we homesteaded up in the cloud forest, miles from neighbors, running water, and electricity. We rode our horses an hour through the paramo to get to the bus to go to town for supplies. When we got back our horses would be waiting and we’d load them up and ride them back—letting the horses lead the way home when the nights were moonless.



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