, 256, Limón, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
Authentic Caribbean style Guest House - 1 minute walk to the beach and 5 minute walk into town, yet tucked away in the jungle.


About the hotel

Hidden Jungle Beach House is a typical Caribbean style wooden house with three levels. The fully equipped kitchen is on the first floor. It is spacious and open, with jungle all around. The grocery store is only a short jaunt away so you can buy what you need and cook it here. We share use of the kitchen and bathrooms with our guests. The bathroom with the shower in on the first floor. The bedrooms are on the second. And the third floor is our Tree Top room with windows on all four walls looking out into the jungle!

The Rooms: The second floor of Hidden Jungle Beach House has four bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and outdoor porch. There’s comfortable space with books to read, or TV to watch but most prefer to gaze out on the wonders of nature. The bedrooms are simple. We have two rooms for couples and two rooms for singles. Our Tree Top Room for a couple or an individual, is on the third floor. There are screens on the windows, to keep out the bugs. Each room has a place to hang clothes, some storage and a fan, along with clean sheets and towels. If you are looking for a lovely, economical place to stay in the quiet tranquility of the jungle but close to fun and activity, Hidden Jungle Beach House is the place for you.

Hidden Jungle Beach House is truly Puerto Viejo’s hidden treasure. You’ll love it’s relaxed and friendly vibe. You’ll sleep cozy and comfortable in the arms of mother nature. You’ll wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys, cute little geckos and a million different kinds of colorful birds.

Helpful suggestions on where to go and what to do are provided by your delightful hosts, myself and my husband, Christian. We know the area well and can give you lots of good advice.


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$0- $50


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